"When a traveler returneth home, let him not leave the countries where he hath traveled altogether behind him." ~ Francis Bacon

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gatber Beach: A New Pride of Santa Cruz, Occ. Mindoro

We just discovered a new place to relax and unwind in Santa Cruz, Occidental Mindoro, owned by businessman Mr. Norman B. Gatdula, himself hails from Santa Cruz who take pride of his hometown's simple beauty and charm. 

Gatber ( from Gatdula-Bernardo) was recently opened to the public as a summer getaway destination, recreation and simply to get in touch with nature. What we like most is that the owner retain the natural beauty and simplicity of the place, they use indigenous materials such as woods as fence, bahay kubo (nipa hut) accomodation which is eco-friendly and no signs of over-development that could ruin the place, no trees were uprooted and since it was summer we had a taste of fruits in season like the Kasuy or cashew nut fruits.
The food they served are fresh catch from the sea, fruits and vegetables are all fresh pick as well in their farms.


Bahay Kubo (Nipa hut)

Sing your heart out in the Karaoke Pavilion 

Relaxing Duyan

The Ambiance:
wooden fence gave a more feeling of nature

View from the sea shore
The shoreline of the beach
Some attractions we saw at gatber: 
There are lots of fruit-bearing trees in the area which is good, we saw cashew trees with fruits, wild berries, jackfruit etc. 

The beach is not white sand but a mixed of ground corals and black sand which is very therapeutic, the water is not deep, very clear, clean and refreshing with small waves that is just enough for an added fun.

The cashew nut tree
Fresh-pick cashew nut fruits 
wild blackberries
fine black sand 
beautiful stones adorned the beach

dining tables
The sea escape , serene and filled with nature sound of the waves 

 Watch the beautiful sunset of Santa Cruz in Gatber:
One of the highlights of our stay is the watching the beautiful sunset of Santa Cruz, amazing beauty.

Gatber is also perfect for team building activities, parties, open to local and foreign tourists and other special family and friends occasions. Other tours could be arrange by the owner such as side trips to Mangyan community, Sablayan, Pandan Island and Apo Reef .

for booking and accomodations, contact:  Mr. Norman B. Gatdula (0915-4755632)

Take Batangas City Port Ferry going to Abra De Ilog port then  Sta Cruz town is accesible by public transpo from Abra de Ilog port in occidental Mindoro or better call the management for land arrangement.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Quezon Adventour: Island Hopping in Lukang Beach and Kwebang Lampas

Angela our videographer enjoying the crystal clear waters
After lunch at Cortijos de Palsabangon, our group went to Pagbilao,  Quezon for an Island tour, there, we are introduced by Ms. Lurhen Cortes of APPSLINE Travel  to Mr. Dapla, previous president of the tourism council of Pagbilao, also former in-charge of  keeping the mangrove forest  of Pagbilao. 

Our group at Pagbilao Pantalan: The savvy traveler Benjie Layug, Ms. Lurhen Cortes of Appsline Travel, Mr. Dapla of tourism council, lifestyle blogger Ronnie Bernardo and the social media darling Prof. Mel Dizon 

We took the boat ride going to South China Sea, good thing it's not low-tide yet, (during low-tide, no boat ride)  feeling excited, I wondered where will this boat ride lead to, I know it will be something  surprising finds and sights to see .

Our boatman Dominic, Angela and Melissa doing selfie with nature and the savvy traveler Benjie 

As we started our boat ride with sights of the mangroves then the scenery changed into limestone-lined coast with lush greens and a PICTURESQUE landscape! Excited with every photo I took as I enjoyed the calm and amazingly beautiful PARADISE!

View of Power Plant
After we reached Lukang White Sand Beach, I was awed by the crystal clear water, all I can think off is jump right into the water! and I did, and everybody follows and everybody happy!

Lukang White Sand Beach
What I like most in the place is, there is no sign of development, a beach in its natural splendor, no structures and just so virginal. In case you want an overnight stay, you may bring or rent a camping tent and food just dispose off your garbage properly.

Prof. Mel, PBB Teen Housemate Maichel and Angela enjoying the waters of Lukang

Nature-sculptured cave from one of the limestone-lined rocky coast.

The author, Maichel, Melissa and Angela
Angela and Melissa inside Kwebang Lampas
Savvy Traveler Benjie, PBB Housemate Maichel, Melissa and Angela 
The author  enjoying very relaxing and therapeutic crystal clear water 
Melissa in a meditative bliss enjoying the sea breeze

Next: Dinner at Silangan Nayon

For booking and arrangement:
Discover Quezon and learn more about Quezon's Best Educational Tour Packages such as Cultural Tour, Eco-Tour, Religious Tour, Culinary Tour and Customized package Tours. Contact them: (042) 716 0067 Mobile: 0922 633 0363 .

My Quezon Adventour: Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant

Our Last stop for the Quezon adventure, dinner at Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant, here you can enjoy the unique experience of dining on bamboo cottages and concrete boat-shaped restaurant (its used to be made of bamboos, but since after the two major typhoons that hit the province and toppled the structures, the owner decided to make it concrete) set above the water near the shoreline.

Other highlights of the Silangang Nayon are :

Here guests can also see live animals such as deer, monkeys, hawk eagle, ostrich, horses, Iguana and many more.

Spacious Playground
Kids can play around the park with life-size animals like Giraffe, zebra, elephant, giant fruits and vegetables.

Function Hall
Multi-purpose halls appropriate for conferences, conventions, meetings, seminars, weddings and parties .

The place is a favorite garden wedding venue and for bed and breakfast accommodation, what I like most is the view, what a great way to dine in an open air with natural coolness of sea breeze and the view of the cliff and the sea.  

Great food + great conversation = Happiness

Our Dinner
Seafood cream soup, so good 
Mango salad, so surprised it was very different from others I tried (trade secret)
Grilled Oysters, another hit 
Beef with Brocoli, so good
Steamed Crabs with garlic and 

And now, this is the first time, I've ever tried or tasted Ostrich! only in Silangang Nayon, this exotic and exquisite dish one of their specialty, so good and tender and unexpectedly delicious!

Ostrich steak with mushroom 
The Buchi, everybody's favorite
Our interview with one of the owner Ms. Mary Ann over great dinner,
great food + great conversation = Happiness
Ms. Mary Ann with prof. Mel

Silangang Nayon offers best and exotic food, I must say as a food blogger doing a lot of restaurant and food reviews I can only give my two thumbs up,  because  the service is good, ambiance is superb, prices reasonable, what else can we ask for?  The food have some fusion of something that makes it unique and taste differently, I never ask since it was their trade secrets. Try to visit, it's worth the trip. 

Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant
Pagbilao, Quezon
0920 813 2324 / 0922 886 7677 
Email: silangang_nayon@yahoo.com

For booking and arrangement:
Discover Quezon and learn more about Quezon's Best Educational Tour Packages such as Cultural Tour, Eco-Tour, Religious Tour, Culinary Tour and Customized package Tours. Contact them: (042) 716 0067 Mobile: 0922 633 0363 .