"When a traveler returneth home, let him not leave the countries where he hath traveled altogether behind him." ~ Francis Bacon

Friday, September 12, 2014

Exploring Simplicity of Life in Mindoro

While in Gatber Beach in Sta Cruz, The Gatdula and Medina family tour me around the countryside of Santa Cruz in Occidental Mindoro. Together with Bhebot her sister and children Darryl, Ron and Hazel we went to RDH farm.

It was simplicity in its finest, life without signal and development, life is so slow yet so serene, road is rough , SUV can't even drive through it so we took the tractor which is more exciting, we had fun riding it and seeing the views. 

We  reached the vast land owned by the Medina's, stayed at the bahay kubo (nipa hut ) to rest and have some lunch of native chickens, fish, vegetables and fruits all fresh. 

Swimming with the Mangyan Children:

After our lunch and brief rest, we went ahead to the mangyan village (Indigenous people of Mindoro) and swim in the river, There are many Mangyan children swimming and playing around and they were sort of struck when they saw us. We tried to communicate with them and swim with them in the clear waters. We are very fortunate to experience this river since it was unexplored and very few people goes  there.

Mangyan kid get a potable drinking water from the spring (bukal)

A visit at RDH Watermelon farm:

Looking for a perfect watermelon to quench our thirst.

Hazel Medina got her watermelon
Mangyan houses
Visit and explore the natural beauty and simplicity of Santa Cruz, Occidental Mindoro, a charming place waiting to be discovered.

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