"When a traveler returneth home, let him not leave the countries where he hath traveled altogether behind him." ~ Francis Bacon

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Travel Tips: Must-haves In My Travels

It pays to be organized when you travel, expect the unexpected, so better be a boy scout or girl scout and ready, here are some tips when travelling specially abroad , whether for some shopping or some adventures.

A must-have:

1. A nice duffel bag preferably foldable as a shopping bag, when shopping whether it's a high-end shopping or retail shopping abroad, I always carry a nice bag such as this one, the reliable Long Champ tote bag ( but please buy the original brand always) to put all the items bought from streets, flea markets or malls to avoid carrying too many plastics bags and put them all together in one nice bag so you can still look poised even you shopped at a bargain shops. This way, I don't look like an obvious  sucker for bargains and cheap retail LOL.

Those bargain finds are inside my Long Champ tote :-)

2.  Bring your own adaptors for your electronic gadgets, and don't rely on the hotels if they have available to fit in your own gadgets. Some countries have different electronic sockets and it is wise if you have an adaptor like this one ( I bought in Hong Kong), multiple socket adaptors that can fit all kinds of plugs whether European, American or Asian electronic sockets. 

3. Bring some home habits with you, as for me I don't really like using shower when taking a bath, the probinsyano in me always love using a "Tabo" for taking a bath. Even I have shower at home I still prefer using tabo, I bring it with me or make sure there is one I can get in the area where I am going. I also usually get a hotel where there is a bathtub so I can play with my yellow duckie.

A "tabo" and my yellow duck  (Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel)

How about you? what is your must-have when travelling? you may share some tips on the comment section below, many thanks and have fun travelling.

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